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tennis的造句和例句: 1. The tennis final will be televised live .网球决赛实况将由电视转播。 2. Her interest in tennis was very short-lived .她喜好网球只是昙花一现。内有更多更详细关于tennis的造句

tennis造句_用"tennis"造句 - iChaCha

It's difficult to see tennis in a sentence. 用tennis造句挺難的; Sallic and i are going out to play tennis. 莎莎和我去打網球。 This tennis ball has no more bounce . 這個網球已經失去彈力了。 I went swimming when the others played tennis. 我去游泳,其余的人都打網球去了。 I wish i could play tennis well .

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tennis 造句 / 例句. 1. She excels all of us at tennis. 她的网球比我们打得都好。. 《21世纪大英汉词典》. 2. I like his smile and his tennis! 我喜欢他的微笑和他的网球!. www.xfxksw.com.

the tennis造句_用"the tennis"造句

用the tennis造句和"the tennis"的例句: 1. This was last week at the tennis courts in my town. 2. We hope this is the tennis equivalent of the Big Bertha, 點擊查看更多the tennis造句...

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用tennis court造句和"tennis court"的例句: 1. She is as quick as lightning on the tennis court .她在網球場上疾如閃電。 2. Adam whistled cheerfully as he tacked up the wire netting round the tennis court .亞當一面釘網球場周圍的鐵絲網,一面高興地吹口哨。 點擊查看更多tennis court的造句...

table tennis造句_用"table tennis"造句

用table tennis造句和"table tennis"的例句: 1. Table tennis became all the rage from then .從那時以來乒乓球就流行起來。 2. Playing ( at ) chess is no fun ; let 's go to play table tennis .下棋沒勁,還是去打乒乓球吧。 點擊查看更多table tennis的造句...

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用"tennis"造句 "tennis"怎麼讀 "tennis"的同義詞 "tennis" meaning. 中文翻譯 手機版. n. 網球。. a tennis ball [court] 網球 [場]。. tennis sets 網球用具。. "a dab at tennis" 中文翻譯 : 網球能手. "a tennis marvel" 中文翻譯 : 網球奇才. "ace (tennis)" 中文翻譯 : ace球.

chinese tennis造句_用"chinese tennis"造句

chinese tennis造句和例句: 1. Chinese tennis association中国网球协会 2. Eight , please . we ' re the chinese tennis team . can we buy a group round - trip ticket八张,我们是中国网球队,我们可以买一张往返团体票吗?

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用"tennis"造句 "tennis"怎么读 "tennis"的同义词 "tennis" meaning. 中文翻译 手机版. n. 网球。. a tennis ball [court] 网球 [场]。. tennis sets 网球用具。. "a dab at tennis"中文翻译 网球能手. "a tennis marvel"中文翻译 网球奇才. "ace (tennis)"中文翻译 ace球.